Eagle Pose-How To Pose Eagle Perfectly?-Step-by-Step Instructions

eagle pose
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Eagle Pose

You require quality, adaptability, and perseverance, and immovable focus for eagle pose.

Eagle Pose: Step-by-Step Instructions

Stage 1

Stand in Tadasana. Twist your knees marginally, lift your left foot up and, adjusting on your correct foot, traverse the right. Indicate your left toes the floor, press the foot back, and afterward snare the highest point of the foot behind the lower right calf. Parity on the correct foot.

Stage 2

Extend your arms straight forward, parallel to the floor, and spread your scapulas wide over the back of your middle. Fold the arms before your middle with the goal that the correct arm is over the left, at that point twist your elbows. Cozy the correct elbow into the hoodlum of the left, and raise the lower arms opposite to the floor. The backs of your hands ought to confront one another.

Stage 3

Press the correct hand to one side and the left hand to one side, with the goal that the palms are presently confronting one another. The thumb of the correct hand should go before the little finger of the left. Presently press the palms together (as much as is workable for you), lift your elbows up, and extend the fingers toward the roof.

Stage 4eagle pose

Remain for 15 to 30 seconds, at that point loosen up the legs and arms and remain in Tadasana once more. Rehash for a similar time span with the arms and legs switched.

Contraindications and Cautions

Understudies with knee wounds ought to maintain a strategic distance from this posture or perform just the leg position portrayed in the Beginner’s Tip underneath.

Changes and Props

Starting understudies regularly discover the equalization in this posture entirely precarious. Likewise, with all standing adjusting presents, you can utilize a divider to prop and bolster your back middle while you’re figuring out how to adjust.

Develop the Pose
Take a gander at the tips of your thumbs once you’re in the full posture. Regularly the thumb tips point a tad off to the side of the upper arm. Press the hill of the upper thumb into the base hand and turn the thumb tips so they point straightforwardly at the tip of your nose.

Follow-up Poses
Garudasana is normally sequenced close as far as possible of the standing posture arrangement. The arm position in the posture is especially helpful in encouraging how to extend the back middle in altered stances like Adho Mukha Vrksasana and Sirsasana. Other follow-up stances may include:

Amateur’s Tip

Amateurs frequently think that its hard to fold the arms over until the point that the palms contact. Extend your arms straight forward, parallel to the floor, while clutching the finishes of a lash. Adhere to whatever is left of the directions expressed in stage 2 above and keep the tie tight between your hands.

Tenderfoots likewise think that its hard to snare the raised-leg foot behind the standing-leg calf. And afterward, balance on the standing foot. As a transient alternative fold the legs in any case, rather than snaring the raised foot and calf, press the enormous toe of the raised-leg foot against the floor to help keep up your equalization.


·Strengthens and stretches the lower legs and calves

·Stretches the thighs, hips, shoulders, and upper back

·Improves fixation

·Improves feeling of equalization


Here’s a testing variety of Garudasana. From the posture as depicted above(Eagle Pose), breathe out and lean your middle into a forward twist, squeezing the lower arms against the best leg thigh. Hold for a couple of breaths, at that point concoct an inward breath. Rehash on the second side.

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